Russian for Beginners

For people who haven’t studied Russian before

A 1. Elementary


Your friends, family, or colleagues speak Russian, and you want to talk with them.

You want to say «hello» and «goodbye» in Russian, thank people for their help, ask them about their life, or simply make a compliment.

You like to travel around Russia and other countries where people speak Russian. You want to walk around a city, have lunch at a café, and buy food at a store. You want to talk with people.

You want to understand what you are told at a store, hotel, bank, airport, etc.

Welcome to Russian classes!


What will you do in our classes?

  • learn how to pronounce sounds, words, and phrases correctly;
  • learn how to use Russian words in required grammatical forms;
  • talk about yourself and ask about others in Russian;
  • listen to Russian speech and learn how to understand it;
  • read simple texts on topics that you are interested in;
  • know about Russian culture and etiquette (how to say hello / goodbye; how to thank / to apologize, etc.).

Lessons Price:

60 minutes − $25.00 USD

45 minutes − $18.00 USD

90 minutes − $35.00 USD