Methodology of Teaching Russian
as a Foreign Language

(for non-native Russian speakers)


Who is this course for?


If you are a non-native Russian speaker and you teach Russian speakers your native language

You speak Russian; you studied it with a teacher or by yourself. You are currently studying Russian.

You noticed that the native language of your students influences their learning process. You want to help your Russian speaking students.

In addition, when a teacher speaks the native language of his/her students or has an idea about their native language system, it makes the atmosphere in their classes more friendly and trustful.


What can you learn?

  • learn about pronunciation of Russian sounds;
  • learn typical phonetic mistakes of Russian speakers when speaking a foreign language and the causes of the specific “Russian accent”;
  • learn about Russian grammar systems and how Russian grammar patterns influence learning a new language;
  • learn typical grammar mistakes of Russian speakers;
  • learn about characteristics of written Russian speech and academic writing;
  • learn causes of communication difficulties and psychological barriers that Russian-speakers experience in studying a new language.


Consultations are available in English.

Consultation Price:

60 minutes − 30.00 USD