Improve your Russian!

Russian Grammar and Conversation Practice

For people who know basic Russian grammar and can speak Russian
but want to learn more and improve conversational skills

B 1. Threshold (Intermediate)
B 2. Advanced (Upper-Intermediate)


You speak Russian, and you are understood on the street, at a store, or at an office well enough. You want to speak more fluently and confidently, but you have a lack speaking practice.

The more you learn Russian grammar, the more questions you have. You run into words and phrases that you never met before, and you absolutely don’t know how to use them. You want to improve your grammar skills.

You like Russian movies, and you would like to watch them without translation and subtitles.

You like Russian literature. You can read adapted texts by Russian authors, but you want to read Russian literature in its original.


What will we do in our classes?

  • discuss topics that interest you;
  • listen to authentic Russian speech (TV programs, news, movies, talk shows, etc.), and learn how to understand it;
  • read and discuss texts in Russian (news, articles from newspapers and magazines, Internet sites; stories by Russian writers);
  • correct and improve your pronunciation;
  • revise the most important and complicated Russian grammar (cases, aspects of verbs, verbs of motion, prefixed verbs, etc.);
  • learn Russian culture and Russian lifestyle.

Lessons Price:

60 minutes − $25.00 USD

45 minutes − $18.00 USD

90 minutes − $35.00 USD